Agent Orange Remembrance Day NYC (See video)

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Danny gave the keynote address, and I joined him at the podium to give support and encouragement.  The names of both American and Korean veterans who passed were read, and candles lit in their honor.  Never forget; say their names.  We performed a flag folding ceremony, aided by #GoldstarMothers, then presented these ladies their own flags.
Thanks to Krystal Hart for capturing this day and our remarks to the solemn crowd that gathered in NYC at the Vietnam Veterans Plaza on August 19, 2023.
We also thank Fred Gasior for inviting us to be part of this program.  Thanks also to Mike Moreno and VVA Chapter 126; Michell DellaFave; Wounded Warriors Project, Friends of Vietnam Veterans Plaza; Precinct 1, NYPD; S&P global Market (Valor); Rolling Thunder; Mark Otto (President, United War Veterans Council); the Marines of 6th Comm Battalion; Chaplain (Major) Jonathan Bailey; Cassandra Alvarez (chief of Staff NYC Dept of Veterans Services); Don Bok (President, General Assoc of Korean Vietnam Veterans USA); and Vietnam War & Delta Force Veteran Richard Rice who closed out the ceremony with profound memories and words.

Dedicated to Vietnam Veterans, their descendants, others who have died or are suffering from the deadly effects of Agent Orange, other dioxins and toxic materials.

While over 58,000 died in Vietnam, over 10 times that number have died from ailments caused by Agent Orange after they came home.

For more info about Agent Orange from the VA, go to

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