About Danny

My name is Daniel Garcia. I was born in Spanish Harlem and have served in the US Marine Corps and law enforcement.

Since 1996, by the grace of God, I have walked more than 26,000 miles around the world on six continents for children and world peace.

Through Global Walk, I seek to instill international understanding, establish goodwill, and build sustainable peace.

I have stopped counting miles -- my walks are a means to reach people with the love of God as in Isaiah 61:1.

Danny Garcia

Danny Garcia is former marine and ordained minister who has walked and prayed for children and world peace on six continents, more than 26,000 miles (greater than the circumference of the earth) for over 23 years. In 1996, Danny Garcia took his first steps as a personal commitment and lifelong pursuit of peace.

Danny Garcia was born in the Spanish Harlem community of New York City, on March 18, 1945. His parents, American born, are of Cuban ancestry. Danny’s father, Jose Garcia (“Bilingue”) was a highly respected Latin percussionist who played with Xavier Cugat, Machito’s Orchestra, and many other well-known musicians. At the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, Jose Garcia was honored as a pioneer of Latin music in America during the Latin Roots Exhibit. Danny accepted the honor on behalf of his father. His mother Margaret is in her 90’s and is a prayer warrior.

During his early years, Danny lived in each of the five Burroughs of New York. At the age of 17, Danny joined the United States Marine Corps (1962 - 67). He was embarked on a naval vessel during the Cuban Missile crisis, ready to storm the island of Cuba, if ordered. He was then stationed at Guantanamo Bay in 1963. During his first tour in the Marine Corps, he was a wireman, radio operator, Communications Chief, and Prison Supervisor. In 1968, Danny returned to civilian life and worked for Shell Oil Company. He trained under Bud Roberts, his mentor, Art Director and Head of Public Relations. Danny successfully worked at Shell Oil until 1972, when he reenlisted the Marine Corps.

In 1972, during his second Marine Corps enlistment, he was stationed in Nam Phuong, Thailand. He was a Command Counselor for Alcohol & Drug Abuse and Human Relations Program Instructor. He stopped the use of drugs within the ranks and eliminated racial violence amongst marines. Danny credits his success in the Vietnam theater to the Life Values teachings of Dr. Robert L. Humphrey, author of the Human Relations Program written for the Marines. Danny Garcia took the tools from R. L. Humphrey’s manual and applied the principles as his way of life. Danny was discharged honorably from the Marine Corps in 1975.

From 1975 to 1995, Danny Garcia served in several law enforcement capacities in San Diego, California: Correctional Officer, Metropolitan Correctional Center, Federal Prison; Lieutenant, Burns Security; and Site Commander, Salk Institute. He has also served as the Drug and Alcohol Counselor at NEPSI Narcotics Treatment Program; Drug and Alcohol Counselor at the Methadone Clinic; and Peer Group Counselor at Patrick Henry High School.

From 1978 – 1996, Danny traveled throughout the world, presenting symbols of peace to dignitaries and world leaders on behalf of the Children of Our World Organization. He made numerous presentations, either personally or through intermediaries, to include: UNICEF at the UN; Prime Minister Shamir in Israel; Pope John Paul II in Rome; Princess Anne in England; President of the Olympic Committee in Seoul, Korea; US Presidents Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, and Jimmy Carter; Mother Theresa in San Diego, CA; Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Ralph Bunch in NYC; Stevie Wonder; Michael Jackson; Whitney Houston; Redd Fox; Dr. Jonas Salk; Jackie Kennedy Onasis; and Mohammed Ali.

On Dec 7, 1996, he embarked a journey of faith, ministering the love of God by literally praying and walking around the world. Danny’s inaugural walk of 3,500 miles was for the Children of our World and World Peace. He walked the first leg of his journey from San Francisco to Tijuana, then walked the second leg from Alexandria, LA, to the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He walked to honor the memory of the innocent children who lost their lives in the bombing and arrived at the one-year anniversary of that tragic event. The final leg of the trek was Miami, FL, to NYC, NY. Dr. Deloise Blakeley, Acting Community Mayor of Harlem, joined Danny, from Harlem to the UN where they were greeted by children from 185 countries.

In 1997, Danny walked from the Mexican/US border to Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, CA, for Super Bowl XXXII Sunday. In his honor, the Mayor of San Diego proclaimed Jan 25, 1998 as Danny Garcia Day.

In 1998, Danny attended a United Nations Peace Summit in NYC for the International Day of Peace, in conjunction with the Season of Nonviolence. Danny traveled to Europe where he continued to walk for children and world peace. His walks took him through European countries such as Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Hungary, Albania, and Italy.

The culmination of his four-year walk around the world ended in Sydney, Australia, in September of 2000 in conjunction with the opening of the Olympic Games. Danny invited Bruce Stephen Foster to join him in Sydney at Planet Hollywood to perform the song he coauthored with Richie Sambora, called “One Night of Peace.” The event conveyed a plea for every nation on Earth to honor a 24-hour cease fire prior to the lighting of the Olympic torch so every child in the world could experience “One Night of Peace.” This song inspired Danny to produce a day-long concert which promoted the UN’s International Day of Peace month-long Celebration.

On November 11, 2000, Danny traveled to Rome, Italy for the closing of the Holy Door at the Vatican in the Millennial Year of Jubilee. Later that month, Danny visited the Philippines for a walk organized jointly by the Red Cross, the National Press Club, and with support of the Philippine government and Department of Interior. He started walking in Laoag, Llocos Norte and ended in Manila in December 2000.

Photo credit, Jacquelynne Causey

In February 2001, Danny promoted the cause of peace in Australia. In June 2001, he travelled to Jordan and walked in the Middle East to raise funds for an Iraqi boy who needed a heart operation. During this time, he was taken hostage in Rafah in the Gaza Strip then released unharmed. After the terrorist attacks of September 11th, Danny returned to the US and visited Ground Zero, where the Twin towers once stood. He was deeply moved with compassion and anguish. On September 1st, 2003, Danny walked from Ground Zero to Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, MD, arriving on September 10th. On the morning of September 11th, Danny continued his walk to the Pentagon, where he participated in the memorial ceremony in the chapel of the Pentagon.

During 2005, Danny lived in the Philippines where he walked extensively throughout the country for Children’s Rights and World Peace.

On September 12, 2005 Danny walked 180 miles from the Grafton Peace Pagoda in Albany, NY, to the UN, arriving for UN’s International Day of Peace on September 21, 2005.

In November 2005, after Hurricane Katrina leveled the city of New Orleans, Danny partnered with the New Orleans Mission to help restore the massive destruction. The hurricane severely damaged the mission, rendered the building uninhabitable, and destroyed the goods inside. The mission lost most of its roof. Danny received support from Dare 2 Dream and students at TCI College in NYC, who sponsored Danny’s 33-day, 1200-mile walk to New Orleans. Danny raised awareness of struggles of the victims of Hurricane Katrina and their need for national support. He raised $500,000 in cash and in-kind donations to rebuild the New Orleans Mission and put a roof over the heads of thousands of people who sought refuge at the mission annually.

In January 2006, Danny formed the non-profit Global Walk Foundation to raise funds and bring awareness to children’s charities, AIDS orphans, and water shortages. He created ways of using his walks for peace to financially benefit causes that sought his support. The organization is now Global Walk Inc.

In July 2007, Danny and his Global Walk team travelled to Africa and visited the countries of South Africa, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Southern Sudan. He and his team visited maximum security prisons in South Africa. In Uganda, he and his team ministered and washed the feet of hundreds of church goers. In September 2007, he welcomed the Ethiopian Millennium. Because of his humble desire to walk for peace in war torn Southern Sudan, his persistence and grace inspired the Government of Southern Sudan’s declaration of the International Day of Peace as a national holiday.

In October 2008, Danny walked from Washington, DC, to New York City, where he officially commemorated completion of 25,000 miles, ending at the Church of St. John the Apostle as they celebrated their 150th Jubilee.

In September 2009, Danny completed a 500-mile walk in New England, raising over $30,000 in cash and in-kind donations for the Barka Foundation, which builds water wells in Burkina Faso, one of the poorest nations in the world. For this feat, Danny was awarded the Shining World Compassion Award from the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association.

In February 2010, Danny conducted a cross-country prayer walk from the capitol of the Dominican Republic to the capitol of Haiti, finishing in Port Au Prince where on January 12, 2010, a historic Haiti earthquake leveled Haiti to its very foundations. His walk displayed international and spiritual support for Haiti. He prayed for God’s help, salvation, and hope to spring from the ruins.

In October 2010, Danny provided similar words of encouragement to the people of Chile. He walked and presented a symbol of peace for the Chilean miners, their families, and the community, as the world stood vigil until the 33 trapped miners were gloriously rescued from the collapsed mine in Copiapo’. In September 2011, Danny conducted a walk in Costa Rica and was a guest speaker during this country’s Dia de Biblia (Day of the Bible) which coincided with the UN’s International Day of Peace. In March 2012, Danny traveled to and walked in Cuba, his home of ancestry, during the visit of Pope Benedict XVI.

In the US, days after the Boston Marathon bombing of April 2013, Danny walked the route of the marathon to honor victims and survivors of that bombing. In July 2014, he walked across the US border at San Diego and into Mexico to visit and pray for US Marine imprisoned at the El Hongo prison.

Danny returned to Africa in March 2015 and walked for peace in Morocco and along the Algerian border. In September 2016 he dedicated a walk in the northeast US to veterans. He returned to Israel in October 2017 and walked and prayed for the peace of Jerusalem during the Municipality’s Annual Jerusalem March, with many nations of the world represented.

For children who perished in US school shootings, Danny walked in Parkland, FL, days after the February 2018 tragedy. He prayed with mourners and those who lost their friends. In March 2019, Danny again walked for veterans, first responders, and their families in Honor Walk 2019. When fire damaged the Cathedral of Norte Dame in April 2019, Danny walked in Paris, France, and presented the US and Marine Corps flags to the citizens of Paris to show support for French fire fighters and first responders.

The main purpose of Danny’s walks is to facilitate, promote, and support the needs of children and their families, which include engaging in humanitarian aid to victims of fire, poverty, flood, earthquake, or war. Danny inspires hope, shares spiritual wisdom, and renders aid to the needy. He encourages others to do the same while teaching people how to communicate with respect.

He continues to walk and pray globally.

People world-wide request his story in print and in video. The biography of his life is nearly completed and depicts Danny’s life and dramatic conversion to Christianity. The book describes personal experiences with the power, miracles, and love of God.

Danny and his wife Jacqueline chair Global Walk Inc., a nonprofit organization under the umbrella of the 501(c)(3) Fellowship Network, which provides spiritual covering and accountability for the ministry of Global Walk.


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  • A visit with the pope:

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    Pope John Paul II
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  • A letter from President Bill Clinton

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  • A letter from President Jimmy Carter

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  • Queen Elizabeth

    Danny contacted the media/politicians and received a special invitation for a San Diego woman to realize a lifelong dream to meet the Queen. He was invited to the ceremony and met the Queen (Feb 26, 1983)

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  • Queen Noor

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  • HSH Prince Albert II

    HSH Prince Albert II (also President of the Monaco Red Cross) sent to Danny a personally signed collectible book, Le Livre D'Or De La Croix-Rouge Monegasque, when Danny completed his walk along the French Riviera and throughout Monaco (2000).

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    Prince Albert II - Photo by Monika Flueckiger
  • Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir

    In 1979 Danny presented a reproduction of The Child painting to Prime Minister Shamir in his office in Tel Aviv. The gift was a symbol of peace and hope for the children of Israel.

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  • Nelson Mandela

    Danny stopped in Cambria and presented president Nelson Mandela with a Jubilennium candle in conjunction with the UN celebration during his walk from Perth to Sydney, Australia, for the Olympics.

  • Mother Teresa

    Danny gave a reproduction of The Child painting to Our Lady of Angels Catholic School in San Diego. The painting was then presented to Mother Teresa as a gift for her humanitarian work for the poor.

  • Ralph Bunche

    Danny presented a gift to Ralph Bunche's foundation to honor his efforts for peace. Relph received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1950 for his mediation in Palestine in the 1940's.

  • Yasser Arafat

    Arafat's representatives gave a medal to Danny when he walked for Palestinian children. The medal was discovered when Danny was later taken hostage in Rafah; his captors then protected him from harm.

  • Muhammad Ali

    View Photo

    Danny presented Muhammad Ali with a large portrait at the Long Beach Convention Center. The painting titled, "The Arrangement", by Gabriel Acevedo pictured an Indian man dressed in his native clothing.

  • Michael Jackson

    Danny provided MJ's attorneys a 14X48 mural of The Child. With support from Gannett Outdoor Advertising, this mural was displayed on the occasion of the visit of Pope John Paul II to Los Angeles.

    The mural continued on a tour of peace throughout the world, and Michael Jackson was later presented a replica of The Child for his own collection.

    On the day Michael Jackson died, Danny walked in his honor, from 125th St. in Harlem to Ground Zero.

  • Whitney Houston

    When Whitney Houston was visiting in San Diego, Danny provided a reproduction of The Child to an associate, who presented the gift to Whitney Houston.

  • Oprah Winfrey

    While walking in Chicago, Danny stopped and presented his walking stick to one of Oprah's employees at her TV station. It was a gift for her as a symbol of love for all of those she has touched.

  • Stevie Wonder

    Danny presented a reproduction of the painting The Child to Stevie Wonder with his brother at his side in his dressing room at the San Diego Sports Arena on Dec 8, 1980 (the day John Lennon was killed).

  • Richie Havens

    Richie Havens performed at Woodstock for more than 400,000 people. Danny was one of the original promoters of the Woodstock festival. Several years later, Danny presented Richie with a copy of the painting The Child at the Ralph Bunche Park across from the UN.

  • David Yonggi Cho

    While in Seoul Korea for the 1988 Summer Olympics, Danny met Pastor Cho (whose church was one of the largest in the world) and presented a reproduction of The Child as a gift to thank Pastor Cho for his service to God.

  • Jonas Salk

    Danny worked on a security detail to protect Jonas and also presented him a gift to honor his work in developing the polio vaccine.

  • Chaplain Barry Black

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  • General Charles Krulak

    General Krulak served as Danny's commanding officer during his time in the Marine Corps.

    Meritorious Mast Letter from General Krulak
  • Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

    While walking in Israel, Danny presented the Prime Minister with one of his walking sticks.

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  • Roger Barnett

    Danny presented a symbol of peace Shaklee Corporation CEO (Sep 2019) with May Peace Prevail on Earth, International, Executive Director Fumi Johns Stewart (Sep 2010)

    Photo Press Release -->
Danny Presents a gift to Jackie Kennedy Onassis

It is not possible to list and to thank each individual which has been important in this journey. It goes without saying that even an encouraging word or understanding is appreciated.

Of course, number one on the list is my Lord, Jesus Christ, who delivers me through every challenge.

Danny and his wife Jackie with Danny's Mom who is over 90 years old Danny's Father who played with Xavier Cugat, Machito’s Orchestra, and many other well known musicians.
Bruce Foster
Bruce Foster, Singer/Composer, Grammy Award Nominee

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Presentations to Eminent Persons & Organizations:



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Dr Jonas Salk, Scientist, Salk Institute, San Diego, California and Nobel Prize Winner
Mrs Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Major General William Nash, Commanding General, Task Force Eagle, Bosnia
General Charles Krulak, Commandant, US Marine Corps
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Sanford Alexander, Consul General of Grenada to Mexico
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Ben Shalom, President, United Nations Jubillenium Peace Organization
Director of UNICEF, Seoul, Korea
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Mr Ehud Olmerat, Mayor of Jerusalem, Israel
Mayor Susan Golding, Mayor of San Diego, California
Katie Mair, Mayor of Melville, Western Australia
Councillor Sean Clarke, Omagh, Eire, for bombing victims
Bishop Chavez, Catholic Bishop, San Diego, California
Fr Robert Reyes, ‘The Running Priest’, Manila, The Philippines
Fr Vincent, Mission San Luis Rey, California
Fr Charles Waddell, Perth, Western Australia
Pastor Cho, Korea
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Commissioner, US Border, San Diego, California
Benny Boret, Producer, Masada – Israel’s 40th Anniversary
Paul Simms, Commissioner, San Diego County Hospitals, San Diego, California
Ted Turner, CNN
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The Original Ninja Turtles


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