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Danny travelled from San Francisco to San Diego, CA and thanked veterans, first responders, & their families. The walk started March 18, 2019 and ended April 2019. Please see press coverage links.

Press Coverage:

A return to Half Moon Bay - March 19, 2019
Half Moon Bay [The First Walk] - Dec 7, 1996
Honor Walk 2019 Press Release

Thank you to our supporters:

Fred Rothenbush (artist) and Son Doug Rothenbush

House Facts Realty (Brad and Alisha Fairman)

Survive First Foundation

Aug 11, 2018: Praying at picnic day with Daytona PD & families; "Coffee with a Cop" regular, LT Garvin.

Global Walk for Peace and Polio

Walk completed in Toronto - June 24, 2018
NYC | Poughkeepsie | Toronto portion of walk suspended
Toronto |June 21 - 24, 2018
Honoring Canadian victims (van attack and hockey bus tragedy)

US Capitol | United Nations | Upstate New York | Toronto

Dedicated to Canada’s Humboldt Broncos Hockey Team
May 23 – June 23, 2018
Ends at Rotary’s 101st Convention
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Doubling Every $1 raised for polio
Proceeds from CD “The Children of our World”
Go to Polio Plus Campaign
Please donate!

Upcoming Walk Starts March 18 (Walk Complete)

Florida, USA - Reverend Daniel Garcia, known as "The Walking Man," intends to begin a journey from the Clearwater, FL, region to Washington, D.C. He will launch this walk on his 73rd birthday as a gift of love to the "Children of Our World." Rev. Garcia will walk, pray, and be driven in increments by Mr. Konstantinos (Gus) Mousourlis.

The walk will end at the White House in Washington, D.C., on April 2, 2018, which is World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD). This walk will bring awareness and support for children with special needs throughout the world.

Rev. Garcia advocates for children and world peace and carries the simple message: Pray. He has served in the US Marine Corps and as a law enforcement and federal corrections officer. He is a minister and follower of Jesus Christ. Since December 7, 1996, Danny has prayed and walked around the world, covering more than 26,000 miles on six continents.

Rev Garcia appreciates donations to help with logistical needs (gas, lodging, and food) to complete the journey from Florida to Washington, D.C. Donations can be made via check (payable to Global Walk) or by PayPal link:

Date: March 18, 2018 at 2pm
Location: Leo's Italian Grill
33286 US Hwy 19 N
Palm Harbor, FL 34684

Walk 27,000 miles for peace

January 2018 edition of the Rotarian magazine

I first started walking back in 1996. I had gone through a divorce. I was so broken that I didn’t feel I had any life. I had this idea that I could walk for peace, and I think I was also looking for some kind of inner peace.

I took off from San Francisco, headed toward San Diego. That first day I walked 30 miles in the pouring rain. I was soaking wet and only had $48 in my pocket. No credit cards. No nothing. I came to a hotel in Half Moon Bay, and the manager was wondering what I was doing. I told him, “Well, I need a room, but I don’t have any money.” But he said, “Hey, it’s OK. You can stay here as long as you need to.” That act of kindness really launched my 20 years of walking...

Read More

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Rotarians Walk to Honor Manhattan Terror Attack Victims

November 15, 2017 -- Rotarian Danny Garcia and members of the Rotary Club of Greater Newburgh, NY, honored the victims of the October 31st terror attack in Manhattan, where 8 people lost their lives (5 from Argentina). The Rotarians walked the path (from Chambers Street to the memorial site) where the tragedy took place and paid their respects to the victims. During the walk, the team met Guillermo Ortega from Argentina, who was also visiting the memorial site to pay tribute to his fellow Argentinians slain in the tragedy. As a result of conversation with Mr. Ortega, Danny would like to plan a Peace Walk in Argentina and continue to Antarctica (the only continent on which Danny has yet to walk).

The Many Steps for Many Vets walk has come to a close. Click here to read the statement from Brevard Veterans Memorial Center.

View All Photos from the Many Steps for Many Vets - 2016 Walk

Press Release: Many Steps for Many Vets - 2016 Walk
On the 15th anniversary of the 9/11/2001 attacks on our country, Danny Garcia - a U.S. Marine veteran and clergyman will begin a walk from Ground Zero to Florida's Space Coast.

Florida Today: Veteran will walk from NYC to Merritt Island

Morocco March, 2014

Daniel Garcia's peace walk in Morocco

Cuba! March, 2012

Daniel Garcia will visit his ancestral home of Cuba in March 2012, in conjunction with the visit of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, March 24 – 29, 2012.

Costa Rica Peace Pole Presentation

Congressman Julio Orozco Alvarez and the people of Costa Rica on Sep 21, 2011, the International Day of Peace and the National Day of the Bible

Peace Walker Traverses Costa Rica - Sep 16, 2011

Walk of HOPE for HAITI

Santo Domingo to Port-au-Prince for Earthquake Victims

view photos here

Daniel Garcia, “The Walking Man”, conducted a cross-country prayer walk from the Dominican Republic to Haiti and pray for the victims of the earthquake which devastated the island nation of Haiti on January 12, 2010.

The walk began Feb 22nd from Santo Domingo to Port-au-Prince Haiti. Arriving February 27th in Port-au-Prince at the capitol. Upon completion of the walk Daniel return to the US from Port-au-Prince.

Walk for Wounded Warriors at the Aug. 8th Pow Wow

Walk for HEALING THE WARRIORS with Global Walker Daniel Garcia walked from the Battle of Bennington Monument in Bennington, Vermont to the site of the Rock, Rattle and Drum Pow Wow on August 8th. Daniel walked to honor all Veterans in support of White Eagle’s Veteran’s “Healing the Heart” Program and Conference. Free for Veterans, their spouses and families.

visit the Healing Winds website for more info:

Harlem to Shanghai for Harlem Musicians

Daniel Awarded "Shining World Compassion Award"

NTDTV broadcasts the walk in Chinese

Daniel Garcia, “The Walking Man”, walked for The Boys And Girls Choir Of Harlem Alumni Ensemble to travel to Shanghai to perform, by special invitation, at the 2009 International Arts Festival along with top artists of 30 other nations.  Over decades,  The Harlem Choir has performed at The White House, The United Nations, Carnegie Hall, the Cathedral of St. John, Lincoln Center, Madison Square Garden, the U.S. Capitol, the Kennedy Space Center and Cathedrals around the world.  This distinguished group has performed for Nelson Mandela and the Pope.  At the International Arts Festival to be held in October 2009, the Choir will proudly represent the United States as ambassadors of music to China. 

On July 5th, Garcia spoke at the 11 am Sunday morning service at the church, with which the renowned choir is associated.  The Metropolitan Community United Methodist Church (Corner of 126th  Street and Madison Ave.) will launch Garcia’s walk after the service, and he will trek to Chinatown by foot.  Every morning at 9:00 am, from July 6th – 10th, Daniel started walking again from the church in Harlem to:   Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association at  62 Mott St., symbolically and figuratively travelling for the Boys and Girls Choir of Harlem to China.  Through this simple act of walking, Chinatown is to be recognized as a bridge between the US and the Far East, where all are invited to walk and symbolize living together in peace and respect.  

See their website here

Thank you to all of the hotels that showed great hospitality to accomodate our walk during 5/09 & 6/09- See the list here

Article Part 1 | Part 2- 'Walking Man' crosses Valley to tap support for
   water cause Daily Hampshire Gazette

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Article - Walker shares message with Dexter, Bangor - 6/1

Article - Trio walking 500 miles for clean water in Africa

Article - Senator Inn & Spa will sponsor Daniel Garcia... - 5/27

Article - Senator Inn to Host Daniel Garcia Along 500-mile Peace,
   Water & Wisdom Walk - 5/26

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Article - Walkers to Raise Awareness - 5/15
     (correction: the BARKA website is

View Update on the walk - 5/12

Daniel Garcia Completes 25,000 Miles for Peace With a Trek from D.C. to NYC on Oct. 17-26

Where Peace Lives Supports the Final Leg of Garcia’s Round the World Odyssey

Leesburg, VA – When Daniel Garcia, founder of the Global Walk, took his first steps toward a global commitment to peace 12 years ago, he had no idea how far the road would take him. On Oct. 17-26, the final leg of his journey will lead Garcia home to New York City, where he will culminate a trek the length of the circumference of the globe that has shined a beacon on the cause of peacebuilding and the issues of providing for children.

For this final leg, Garcia will walk with support from and on behalf of the nonprofit group Where Peace Lives.  He will begin his walk for peace in Washington, D.C., on Monday, Oct. 17, by joining his close friend Tim Miner, along with hundreds of people from around the world at the U.S. Freedom Walk Festival. Miner created this walk to foster fun, fitness, and international friendships. What’s great about it is that embassies from around the world are opening their doors to the walkers who will then be stepping on “foreign soil” each time they cross the threshold of a different embassy. The walkers will be completing a symbolic trek around the world along with Garcia! As he concludes that walk around the world, Garcia will then begin his walk to New York City to complete his own trek.

“This walk is a celebration of all the people and organizations who have helped me during this 25,000 mile walk,” says Garcia who is an ex-marine and an ordained minister. “I could not have done it alone. I’m grateful to God and to each and every person who has been with me along the way. My message has always been ‘love one another.’”

Garcia’s walk concludes at the Church of St. Paul the Apostle in Manhattan on Sunday, Oct. 26 from 2pm to 4pm. A celebration of peace will welcome Garcia, 63, and those who accompany him to St. Paul the Apostle, at the corner of 59th Street and Columbus Avenue.

“We want to invite children and adults in Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Trenton, Newark and all the other towns along Daniel’s route to join in this walk for peace,” says Donna Clapp, executive director of Where Peace Lives, which trains children and teens in conflict resolution and peace-building through art and media.

“We would also love everyone to come to the event at St. Paul the Apostle, which is celebrating its 150th jubilee year this year. We envision an event at St. Paul the Apostle that captures the love, spirituality, and joy that comes from creating a culture of peace,” says Clapp. “It will be a day filled with song and celebration for adults and children alike. Singer/songwriter, Bruce Foster is coming to sing songs of peace with the choir at St. Paul the Apostle. Last but not least, this is a celebration of Daniel’s completing walking the circumference of the earth—25,000 miles for peace!”

Garcia, who began his trek in San Francisco in 1996, has been sharing stories of faith, redemption, and peaceful coexistence as he has walked his path of peace. The journey has taken him to Australia, where he walked from Perth to Sidney in celebration of the 2000 Summer Olympics; to Europe, where he has made walks through Ireland, Scotland, Belgium and Holland. His journey includes a 26-day journey through the Philippines to raise funds for the Red Cross, and a trek from Jordan to Jerusalem to aid the plight of an 11-year-old boy who needed heart surgery. After Hurricane Katrina devastated the U.S. Gulf Coast in 2005, Garcia walked to New Orleans, to raise money for relief and rebuilding efforts.

Along the way, Garcia has received extensive coverage from the print and electronic media, and presented gifts of peace to presidents and dignitaries such as Pope John Paul II, but he says he is mainly inspired by the many ordinary people who join him and support him during his walks.

“For me, this whole journey has all been a miracle,” says Garcia, a native of New York’s Spanish Harlem community. “At 63, after walking all these miles, to be able to celebrate at the Church of St. Paul the Apostle, it’s the perfect way to end this chapter in my life. I will thank God and thank everyone for all of the help I have received, because there’s no way I could have done this by myself.”

see more details and photos here...

Walk from DC to NYC

The three-day U.S. Freedom Walk Festival stepped off Friday afternoon inRosslyn, and for at least one participant, it is a few more miles in his missionto spread freedom and peace around the globe...
Read More - News Channel 8 - Annual 'Freedom Walk' Steps Off in D.C

US Freedom Walk in D.C.

October 17th - 19th

Walk from D.C. to New York
October 20th - 26th
Ending with a Program at the Church of St Paul the Apostle begins at 2pm

Banging the Bongos - Daniel Garcia's Father

Daniel Garcia's father, Jose Garcia, playing the bongos, with Machito of the Machito Orchestra. Circa: early 1940s

GRACIELA, The First Lady of Afro-Cuban Rhythms

Daniel Garcia & Graciela

Born on August 23, 1915, legendary singer Graciela grew up in the predominately black, musically rich Jesús María section of Havana, Cuba.  She began her illustrious singing career at age 17 when she joined the all-female, “novelty” band Orquestra Anacaona where she sang and played claves.  She and the group’s other members pioneered the opening and expanding of the role of women singers and musicians in Cuba.  In 1941 she joined Trio Garcia, a group that sang regularly on the radio. 
1943 was a pivotal year for Graciela and Afro-Cuban music. At the request of her brother-in-law Mario Bauzá, she came to New York City to temporarily replace her foster brother, Francisco “Machito” Grillo, as the band’s lead si nger during his stint in the US army. Although Machito was discharged from the army in less than a year due to an injury, Graciela remained one of the group s lead singers.
1943 also marked the year that Bauzá composed Tanga, which many music historians consider the first true marriage of Afro-Cuban rhythms and Jazz. This tune along with Graciela’s husky voice, clear diction and sensuous vocal styling on Si, Si, No, No and ¡Ay José! helped birth and shape the Cubop and Mambo eras.
In 2001 Pérez received the International Latin Music Hall of Fame’s Lifetime Achievement Award.  Four years later she and legendary percussionist Candido Camero were nominated for Best Traditional Tropical Latin Album at the 47th Annual GRAMMY® Awards for their critically acclaimed project, Inolvidable.  Like many women of her generation, Graciela has contributed greatly to her art but remains largely unrecognized.  CCCADI is pleased to honor one of Afro-Cuban jazz’s pioneers and living legends whose tantalizing personality and voice has bridged cultures and musical genres.

Yehoram Ben-Shalom (Senior Advisor, United Nations International), Daniel Garcia, Jeff Rudy (Where Peace Lives), and Ben Soleymani inside the Hall of the General Assembly, United Nations" (Juy 23, 2008)


Peace Sanctuary to Ground Zero

The walk started on March 20th, 9:00am, at The World Peace Sanctuary. The walk ended at Ground Zero in NYC on Saturday, March 22nd.

(L to R: Jeff Rudy, Daniel Garcia, and Mosab Qashoo). This September 11th Memorial Peace Pole will be presented to New York City in honor of this day in the spirit of peace.

Press Coverage:
Wassaic to China: A walk for peace - Harlem Valley Times




Daniel Visits Friends at the United Nations - New York City, NY

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Daniel Garcia with Susan Manuel, Chief, Peace and Security Section for the Department of Public Information, United Nations

The United Religions Initiative (URI) UN Cooperation Circle wishes Daniel Garcia a safe and productive walk!  The members of the URI UN CC are listed with the organizations they represent at the United Nations:   Monica Willard, United Religions Initiative; Martha Gallahue, National Service Conference of the American Ethical Union; Audrey Kitagawa, Chair of the ECOSOC Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns; Daniel Garcia, Deborah Moldow, World Peace Prayer Society; Carol Zinn, Congregations of St. Joseph;

Thomas Downes, Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources. 

Voices of Children heard around the World





Jaclyn's Story of Hope

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Jaclyn met Daniel in New York City on December 19th.  Read her story below:

I was born, everything was fine. But, when I was around 2 months old, I was diagnosed with Shone's Syndrome. This is a disease which relates to many problems involving the heart. At 3 months old, I had my first the full story


A Powerful Peace Presentation in Juba

Juba, Sudan - Friday, September 21, 2007

Daniel presenting gifts of peace to the Ministers of the Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) and the children that were present at the celebration.

The presentation to the Government of Southern Sudan on the International Day of Peace was a great success!  Daniel spoke a little bit about his experiences in Africa and presented gifts of peace.  Daniel was also able to start things moving on a plan to build a special peace monument in Juba.  Peace has come to Southern Sudan only in 2005 with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement(CPA) was signed with the North which gave Southern Sudan it's own government.  More than 2 million people died in these conflicts, but the peace which has been established must be supported in every way possible.  This presentation marked the final step in the Global Walk through Africa.

Preparing for the Peace Presentation on September 21st

Juba, Sudan - Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Daniel and Victoria with the Minister of Presidential Affairs for Southern Sudan, Dr. Luka Biong Deng

The team is preparing for the peace presentation that will take place on September 21st, the International Day of Peace.  Representatives for the president will receive the gifts of peace from the team in the morning.  Daniel met with the Minister of Presidential Affairs, Dr. Luka Biong Deng, to finalize the arrangements for Friday's presentation by the team to the people of Sothern Sudan.

The Team Arrives in Sudan!

Juba, Sudan - Tuesday, September 14, 2007

The team walking with the acting Arch Bishop Nathaniel Anyieth in Juba

The Global Walk team arrived in Sudan on September 14th.  On September 16th the team met with the acting Arch Bishop Nathaniel Anyieth along with other bishops.  The team will be meeting with various government and religious leaders and present a gift for peace before they depart from Sudan on September 21st.

Mussie Hailu Presents Gifts to the Team for Sudan

Addis Ababa , Ethiopia - Tuesday, September 13, 2007

Daniel and the team with Mussie Hailu who represents the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative (IPI)

Mussie presented a framed picture along with other peace related gifts to the Global Walk team to take with them on their journey to Juba, Sudan.  These gifts will be presented to the government and people of Southern Sudan on September the 21st which is the International Day of Peace.

The Team Arrives in Ethiopia!

Addis Ababa , Ethiopia - Tuesday, September 10, 2007

The Team Travelled by Ethiopan Airlines

The Global Walk team arrived in Ethiopia on September 10th.  The Melinium celebration began on the night of September 11th and on the 12th the Global Walk team is scheduled to take part in the celebration and recieve the Peace Poll from Mussie who represents the World Peace Prayer Society.

Walks Throughout Kampala and Entebbe

Kampala & Entebbe, Uganda - Monday, September 3, 2007

Daniel walking from Kampala to Entebbe

The Global Walk team performed a series of walks between Friday, August 31st, and Monday, September 3rd, totaling over 60 kilometers.  These walks were prayer walks for peace and for Aids victims.  You can see pictures in the photo gallery.

Visiting Mulago Hospital in Kampala

Kampala, Uganda - Tuesday, August 24, 2007

In the Maternity Ward, a mother holds her newly born child

Today the team visited the Mulago hospital in Kampala.  They were able to visit the maternity ward, surgery ward, and children's ward, praying for the patients and doctors.  Thank you to the hospital for granting permission to take pictures and shoot video on the premises.  A full page story on this visit will be run in the local newspaper, The Monitor, on Monday, August 24th.

Planning the Planting of a Peace Poll in Sudan

Kampala, Uganda - Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ambassador Terfa Mengesha Remchie(right) and the First Secretary of Ethiopia in Uganda

Today the team met with the Ambassador of Ethiopia in Uganda.  The team is planning to travel to Ethiopia and participate in their Millennium celebration on September 12th.  At that celebration the team is planning to receive a Peace Poll which is associated with the 192 countries of the United Nations.  Once the team receives the peace poll they will transport it to Sudan to be planted as a symbol of peace and unity in Africa.  New pictures have been added to the Uganda photo gallery.

Global Walk Team Arrives in Uganda

Kampala, Uganda - Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The team arrived safely in Uganda Monday Night, August 13th.  This week the team will be praying with the people of Kampala, Uganda.  Today the team walked around a local village called Kireka in Kampala and greeted many of the locals and visited a small school.  A walk is currently being planned for Saturday, September 21st.  New pictures have been added to the Uganda photo gallery.

Church Service in Mitchells Plain

Cape Town, South Africa - Sunday, August 5, 2007

The radio interview on Friday was a great success!  Yesterday we took a trip out into the downtown region of Cape Town.  We were able to see the harbor, some of their shopping areas, and the beauty of the area(see the photo gallery).  This morning we all gave our testimony to a church of about 300 people.  This church was in one of the most dangerous and hurting communities in Cape Town called Mitchells Plain.  After we gave our testimony we invited everyone to come up for prayer.  We were able to pray over hundreds of people, Praise God!

Nelson Mandela's Former Jail Cell

Cape Town, South Africa - Thursday, August 2, 2007

Today we visited the maximum security prison and were given a tour of the prison cell that Nelson Mandela was held in for many years. After we left the maximum security prison we attended a ladies Bible study with pastor Clayton.  Later in the evening the team had an interview on a local radio station, CCFM 107.5.  Daniel and Jackie Sr shared a little bit of their testimony and what God has been doing.  The radio called us later to inform us that they had a tremendous response to the program from their callers.

They invited John and Jackie Jr to come back tomorrow and speak about youth issues and to share their testimonies.  Immediately after the interview the team headed back to Pollsmoor prison to do a prayer walk through the halls of the ladies prison.  Over 150 people came to the prayer walk which Pastor Clayton has been organizing now for over 6 years, it was incredible to see what is happening in the hearts of the people there.  As we walked through the prison we were able to hold the hands of those in prison and pray for them, many of the prisoners were smiling and happy to see us, some were even weeping as they were being prayed over.  We took many pictures of everything that happened over the course of the day, please check the photo gallery for all of the new pictures!

Visiting with the Women's Prison

Cape Town, South Africa - Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Today we visited the all women's prison at Pollsmoor prison.  We had a praise and worship session and broke up into small groups for study. They ladies received us well and we were able to share what we are doing.  That night we fellowshiped with Pastor Pienaar's home church which is the family that we have been staying with on the prison compound.

Prayer Walks Through Cape Town, South Africa

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The team had an incredible experience praying with the young boys at Pollsmoor prison! After we left the prison we also had an opportunity to do a prayer walk through a poor neighborhood in Bridgetown.  We met a lot of great people and we were able to offer them our prayers.  That night we spoke at a local church in Bridgetown, sharing our testimonies, and praying for everyone individually.  More pictures have been added to the Africa Walk photo gallery.

We Are in Cape Town, South Africa!

Monday, July 30, 2007

This week the team will be praying with inmates at Pollsmoor prison as well as doing a series of prayer walks around the prison and in hurting communities.

One Night of Peace Concert on July 23rd!

One Night of Peace concert April 3, 1998, Bruce Stephen Foster (left) and Daniel Garcia (right) at the Count Basie Theatre in New Jersey.

A "One Night of Peace" concert is being planned for Monday, July 23rd at 7:30pm at King of Kings Worship Center in Purcellville, VA.  This concert will launch Daniel and the team on their journey through Africa to spread their message of love and peace.

The concert is named after the song, "One Night of Peace", which was written by Bruce Stephen Foster and Ritchie Sambora.  These concerts are a global prayer for a cease fire.  For the Africa walk there will be a special concert for Sudan where tragedy has struck through the conflicts in Darfur (US ambassador to Sudan pictured below).

The "One Night of Peace" concert will accompany Daniel Garcia and his team in the same way they were performed in the past(pictured above) except for on a global level, broadcast to the world over television media and internet broadcasting.  Click here to preview the song "One Night of Peace" and read the lyrics below:

Walk to the Virginia Tech Memorial

May 16th, 2007

Daniel Garcia and his Global Walk Team walked from the Sully District Police Station, Chantilly, VA, to Blacksburg, VA, the site of the April 16th horrific shooting on the campus of Virginia Tech, where 32 tragically lost their lives. The walk symbolized healing for the families of the victims, students, faculty and staff of Virginia Tech. The team also walked to honor fallen police officers during National Police Week, May 13-19, 2007.

The Global Walk Team started the walk from the Sully District Police Station (Chantilly, VA) where two police officers were slain one year ago. The team then walked to Westfield High School to honor the memory of WHS graduates who died on the Virginia Tech campus.

Through the walk the team met many people who were affected by the events that took place at Virginia Tech.  The team was able to offer many prayers of love and healing.

 Walk to Virginia Tech - Press Release

The Fairfax County Times - Walk honors shooting victims